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Eyenovia is a clinical stage, ophthalmic biopharmaceutical company transforming the delivery of therapeutics for the treatment of prominent eye diseases, such as glaucoma, dry eyes, allergic eye disease and many others. Eyenovia’s breakthrough piezo-dispersion and microdosing technology enable a portfolio of first-in-class, next-generation, micro-therapeutics for the eye designed to reduce ocular and systemic toxicity and improve the risk-benefit profile of both new and existing therapeutics.
At Eyenovia, we believe that when it comes to your eyes, smaller is better.

Microdrops: smaller is better!

Eyenovia is leading the charge in how eye care is delivered with its microtherapeutic technology. Eyenovia’s microdrops and high-precision microdosing are designed for more efficient and gentler treatments for the eye with the delivery of 80% less unnecessary drug and preservatives.

Eyenovia: Changing the 100-year old
eyedropper paradigm. Microdrops reduce conventional
overdosing by more than 80%!

Pixel-sharp precision for your eyes

Eyenovia is bringing ocular drug delivery into focus. Our proprietary solution uses piezo-print electronics and microfluidics to generate tiny droplets for high-precision delivery of eye therapies. Applying high-resolution inkjet technology towards the development of micro-therapeutics for the eye, Eyenovia can achieve gentle and precise micro-dosing at 6-8 µL volumes– a dosing far less than the traditional eye drops which overdose the eye with 30-50 µL and often lead to adverse side effects such as redness, irritation and pain.

Eyenovia: High precision targeted
microdroplet therapy …precEYEsely.

    Dry Eye
    Eye Allergy
    Pupil Dilation

    Beat the Blink

    Don’t wait for the drop to fall. Fast piezo-print delivery ensures microdrops gently coat the ocular surface at the speed of your blink, avoiding inconveniences such as overflow down the cheek and into the nose.

    Beat the blink! Eyenovia microdrops are delivered
    within 80 milliseconds…Faster than the blink reflex!

    Smart technology: be smart… eye-smart!

    Eyenovia’s intelligent electronic system is one of the first smart technologies to enter FDA clinical trials for ophthalmic use. Smart sensors and mobile cloud connectivity can help patients and physicians stay on top of treatment plans.

    “Smart eye care...means better eye care! Dynamic, real time monitoring and compliance data for you and your doctor!

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    What is the average volume of your tear film?

    6-8 µL

    The average volume of tear film is 6-8 µL

    How much medication volume
    can the eye hold?


    The eye can hold 6-8 µL of medication volume.

    How much volume is in a conventional eyedropper?

    35-60 µL

    Conventional eye droppers contain 35-60 µL of volume.


    Eyenovia’s development pipeline includes three late stage NDA-enabling programs in key ophthalmic indications


    2017                                                            2018                                                            2019                                                            2020

    MicroProst Chronic Angle Closure Glaucoma 
    Phase III IND H2’18

    MicroStat Mydriasis
    Phase III IND H2’18

    MicroTears Dry Eye OTC
    Registration H1’19

    MicroPine Myopia
    Phase III IND H2’19

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    Executive team

    Eyenovia leadership has deep ophthalmic and pharmaceutical development expertise at the management
    and board level, with a strong advisory panel of clinical experts and scientists.



    CEO and President


    Dr. Ianchulev is a prolific inventor, innovator, physician-executive and public health expert with deep life-science and medical technology expertise. He has been at the forefront of medical products and technologies which have transformed the ophthalmic field and impacted medical care for thousands of patients. He is currently a Professor of Ophthalmology at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary and sits on the Boards of Iantech Medical, Kurobe Pharmaceuticals and The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Foundation. Dr. Ianchulev spent five years at Genentech where headed the ophthalmology research group and directed the development and FDA approval of Lucentis, the most successful specialty biologic in the field of ophthalmology with more than $4B of annual sales. Dr. Ianchulev completed his MD at Harvard Medical School and his MPH, Health Policy, Finance, and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health.



    Chairman of the Board


    Dr. Eshelman has more than 35 years of strategic development, executive, operational and financial leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Dr. Eshelman was the founder of Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. (PPD) and founding chairman of Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He is also the founder of Eshelman Ventures, LLC, an investment company focused on healthcare companies. Dr. Eshelman’s career has included executive positions at Glaxo, Inc. as well as various management positions at Beecham Laboratories and Boehringer Mannheim Pharmaceuticals. He earned a B.S. in pharmacy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati, and completed a residency at Cincinnati General Hospital.



    Director | Business Development and Finance


    Dr. LaBelle has been investing in and working with healthcare companies for over 16 years. He is the managing partner of the Global Health Investment Fund which invests in companies developing products for conditions that disproportionately affect the developing world. He has served as a Board member or observer for many successful companies, including KAI Pharmaceuticals (sold to Amgen), Sirion Therapeutics (sold to B&L and Alcon), Impulse Monitoring (sold to NuVasive), TransMolecular (sold to Morphotek), Estech (sold to Atricure), Coherex (sold to J&J), Exagen Diagnostics, SafeOp among others. Dr. Labelle obtained his MD from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, MBA from Columbia University Business School and Bachelors in Economics from Brigham Young University.





    Dr. Mario has been a leader in the pharmaceutical space for XX years.  Dr. Mario served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Reliant Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held pharmaceutical company that was acquired by GSK for approximately $1.6 billion in 2007. Dr. Mario served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of ALZA Corporation, a research-based pharmaceutical company, which was acquired by Johnson & Johnson for approximately $12 billion. He served as a trustee of Duke University from 1989 to 2007 and chaired the Duke University Health System board of trustees from its inception until 2007. Dr. Mario holds a BS in Pharmacy and Honorary Doctorate from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He also earned a MS in Physical Sciences and PhD in Physical Science and Honorary Doctorate from University Of Rhode Island.



    R&D, Engineering







    Mr. Yoshida has extensive executive and operational experience in the international pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Yoshida is the Executive Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategic Planning at Senju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a leading, privately owned specialty pharmaceutical research, development, manufacturing and sales company located in Osaka, Japan, with global subsidiaries, branch offices and joint venture relationships throughout the world.

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