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Eyenovia is a clinical stage, ophthalmic bio-pharmaceutical company which is transforming the way we treat eye diseases, such as glaucoma, dry eyes, allergic eye disease and many others. Eyenovia’s breakthrough piezo-dispersion and microdosing technology can enable a portfolio of next-generation, micro-therapeutics for the eye which are designed to significantly reduce ocular and systemic toxicity and greatly improve the risk-benefit profile of both new and existing treatments. At Eyenovia, we believe that when it comes to your eyes, smaller is better.




Micro-therapeutics are piezo-optimized topical formulations which are designed to reduce ocular toxicity and exposure of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals by more than 80% while retaining the treatment effect of ophthalmic drugs.

Precise Delivery


Eyenovia is bringing ocular drug delivery into focus, sharpening the pixels and improving the resolution in our therapeutic paradigm. Conventional eyedroppers are still using century old pipette paradigm for instilling drugs into the eye with the precision rivaling the de-pixelated resolution of the first digital camera. 

Clinical Results


Eyenovia has conducted multiple preclinical and clinical investigations, including a recent FDA registered clinical trial demonstrating the clinical value of microformulation and ocular piezo-print Rx technology. Eyenovia’s Phase II clinical study showed pharmacodynamic equivalence of piezo-formulated microdose compared to conventional drop pharmaceuticals.


See the Dx102 Phase II RCT Results   Click Here

Smart Technology


Eyenovia’s smart drug dispenser is also one of the first smart technologies to enter FDA clinical trials for ophthalmic use. Smart sensors and mobile cloud connectivity can help you and your doctor stay on top of your treatment plan.

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Eyenovia’s pipeline and development plans include three late stage NDA enabling programs in key ophthalmic indications:



December 2016


Eyenovia, Inc. announces completion of second Phase II study demonstrating topical and systemic safety advantage and superior pharmacologic effect of high-precision ophthalmic microtherapeutics over conventional eyedropper treatment.
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November 2016


Eyenovia, Inc. announces publication of Phase II study results demonstrating benefits of microformulation over conventional eyedroppers and addition of scientific advisory board members Eyenovia’s study shows that conventional ophthalmic eye drops significantly overdose the eye and that equivalent, or greater, pharmacodynamic effect can be achieved with 80% less ocular exposure through Eyenovia’s ophthalmic microformulationProf. Robert N. Weinreb, Director, Shiley Eye Institute and Chair, Department of Ophthalmology, University of California San Diego and Prof. Louis Pasquale Director, Glaucoma Service, Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School are joining Eyenovia’s scientific advisory board.

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April 2015    


Eyenovia Signs Asia Partnership and Licensing Agreement with Senju Pharmaceuticals of Japan: Eyenovia Biopharma signs exclusive Asia license and development agreement for ophthalmic therapeutics based on proprietary microdrops technology. Under the terms of the development partnership agreement, Senju  acquires the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize microdosed  therapeutics in Japan and the rest of Asia, the fastest growing ophthalmic drugmarket in the world.  In addition to the licensing agreement, Senju is  also joining the Series A investment syndicate alongside Private Medical  Equity, Eshelman Ventures and Mario Family Partners. Senju will also assume  responsibility for all Asia R&D activities.

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November 2014    


Eyenovia Expands Board: Dr. Fred Eshelman joins the Board of Directors of Eyenovia. Dr. Eshelman is a distinguished industry executive whose prior roles include founder and CEO of PPD and Chairman of Furiex Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Earnest Mario joins the Board of Directors of Eyenovia. Dr. Mario has held numerous executive roles in Bio-Pharma including CEO of Glaxo Holdings and Chairman and CEO of Alza Corporation and Reliant Pharmaceuticals.


October 2014


Eyenovia-Pointguard Partnership: Eyenovia enters into a development partnership agreement with Pointguard Partners. Pointguard Partners will be the preferred clinical development operations partner for Eyenovia. Technology acquisition and funding: Eyenovia completes acquisition of micro-droplet technology and intellectual property from Corinthian Ophthalmics. Eyenovia acquisition is simultaneous with the completion of a Series A financing led by Private Medical Equity.


September  2014


 Microdroplet Technology Featured in the News: Research on the Eyenovia technology was featured in the ophthalmic press following the presentation and best paper award at the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology Times EyeWorld


Eyenovia leadership has deep ophthalmic and pharmaceutical development expertise at the management and board level, with a strong advisory panel of clinical experts and scientists.

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